Joey Guerra's Personal Blog

What is agile?

Let's focus on what agile means before trying to embody it.

Story Points, So Many Questions

Tony pushing my buttons to get on my podium about estimating story points.

Why TDD Is Hard

TDD is so easy, it's hard. Just some thoughts about why it's so hard to get a team to practice TDD consistently.

Team Process Framework, How We Work

Having a routine enables sustainable velocity. Here's the process I encourage my teams to follow in order to establish a routine and reach a healthy, sustainable velocity.

How can we all keep the kindergarten spirit [at work]?

Amber Teamann wrote a post on her blog titled, How can we all keep the kindergarten spirit?. I thought it would be interesting to post a version of Amber's article that changes the context from school to work.

Delusional Conflict

Or rather, you think there's going to be a conflict about a particular subject and so you don't even broach it. You don't even know if all the subsequent decisions and problems could've been avoided had you just asked.

Steps to Creating a DevOps Culture in an Organization

I started out writing a verbose post about how to create a DevOps culture in an enterprise. After sleeping on it, I realized that people really need tactical suggestions on how to create a DevOps culture, not just a description. So here's a DevOps Culture todo list.

I Want to Increase My Output by 10, 100, 1000

I want to capture and share my journey about how I increase my work output as a software engineer by multiples of 10, 100, 1000.

My Dream Team

I want to work on a team who's culture has these characteristics.

Definition of Quality Software

Has your boss ever asked you to increase your code quality? How did you do that?

Coding and Code Review Guidelines

In order to reuse code, it must pass the teams measurement of readability and discoverability.

The internet is filled with Javascript Frameworks

Learn how to implement the MVC pattern in javascript instead of using a framework.

Content Negotiation in Node JS, augmenting Express JS

Every web site should respond with the requested representation for a resource. Let's cut through the chase.

Program Your Blog Engine

This has been a long time coming. I've preached about blogging for years and yet, have never done it myself. Well, I have but that was back in 1997 and I didn't keep it up and I don't have proof. Not only that, but I'm a big believer that programmers should write code and if you're a programmer AND gonna write a blog, that you should write the blog engine yourself. It shows off your talents, or lack there of, and you'll learn something along the way.