I'm a programmer, I'm coding my own blog engine

This has been a long time coming. I've preached about blogging for years and yet, have never done it myself. Well, I have but that was back in 1997 and I didn't keep it up and I don't have proof. Not only that, but I'm a big believer that programmers should write code and if you're a programmer AND gonna write a blog, that you should write the blog engine yourself. It shows off your talents, or lack there of, and you'll learn something along the way.

The kick in the butt was when Kijana started his own blog and coded it himself and Zach picked up Moonscript and built a blog engine; so it's about damn time I did it.

Now I've made a living at a day job building software on Microsoft technologies, while moonlighting with open source stacks like PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and Perl. Lately, my stack of choice has been Javascript on Node JS. And so I've built a blog engine in Javascript using Node JS (old code. It's a static site generator now). So let's begin.